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After completing a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science, Kenya decided to relocate to Southern California in order to pursue a career in Fashion. Priding herself as being a self taught Designer, Kenya initially founded LA Emerging Designers (LAED) in 2013 in order to provide a unique platform for emerging creatives in the Los Angeles area. After establishing LAED, Kenya's primary goal is to continue to serve as a supportive resource within the fashion & entertainment community and continuing to grow with Ecclipse Management. 

Friendzella Hardeman was born and raised in Southern California. Over the past years, her work experience as a local and independent fashion blogger and correspondent has placed her in a category of her own. Choosing not to focus solely on mainstream artists, Zella also follows local and independent creativity which has opened the window for so many brands and artists. She has also served as a writer for several websites and print publications. After launching her fashion blog www.ZellaBlogs.com and covering multiples of Los Angeles top fashion events, Zella is excited to finally partner with Kenya in order to continue with Event production and brand management with Ecclipse Management. 

Ecclipse Management is a full service management company specializing in Brand Management and Showroom Services. Founded by creators of ZellaBlogs.com and LA Emerging Designers, the two merged in order to create a powerhouse in Production & Creative Consulting. Our Showroom is located in the heart of Los Angeles Fashion District, allowing our clients to optimize their production and availability to potential buyers and customers.